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Thank you for your interest in Mainline Construction (Mainline). Since 1998 we have been positioning ourselves for rapid growth in an ever changing economy. Mainline was built on the premise of being versatile in the types of projects and construction services we can provide our clients. This brochure will demonstrate, through the overview of the various projects it has completed, how Mainline can deliver quality construction services that focus on close attention to detail. In addition, how we can meet the demand of your up and coming construction projects through its years of experience within the industry.

Each Mainline employee has attended training programs to provide them the knowledge to ensure the highest level of performance in the field. Furthermore, Mainline completes each project from start to finish, to give our clients the most cost effective results by creating a controlled project environment. For projects on a larger scale, Mainline will coordinate with Active Project Management to guarantee total satisfaction for the project owner or purchaser.

Project size is irrelevant. Each project will be met with the same aggressive and cost conscious effort. For homeowners, it is hard enough just to get someone to return your phone calls, which has resulted in a negative sentiment within the home improvement industry. Mainline respects that a client’s time is valuable whether you are putting in a new bathroom or building a large commercial structure. Our idea is to deliver a high level, quality product, in an efficient and affordable manner. It is this principle that has been the foundation and has kept our clients coming back.

Our team has worked hard to create a successful, growing company within the competitive construction industry. We look to the future to enhance our building and managing skills through the use of the internet and computer software. This will give us the ability to communicate and manage our projects more efficiently.

We thank you again for your interest in Mainline and look forward to the opportunity to demonstrate what Mainline can do for you.

Joseph J. Brazil
Brazil Inc. DBA Mainline Construction